Hydrogeological Associates is a water resources and environmental consulting firm based in Sacramento, California. Our capabilities include:

  • Hydrogeological Assessments
  • Hydrogeological Conceptual Site Model (CSM) development
  • Source Water Assessment and Protection
  • Water Supply Well Siting, Design, Logging and Management
  • Pumping tests and analysis
  • Video Logging of Wells
  • Well Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Well Rehabilitation Design and Management
  • Water Availability Analysis
  • Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation
  • Environmental Due Diligence Assessments

Hydrogeological Associates provides timely, innovative, state-of-the-art solutions to client challenges in the areas of water resources and environmental assessments.

Client responsiveness is the hallmark of our business. Whether it is a tight deadline or an innovative solution to an ongoing problem, Hydrogeological Associates can meet and overcome whatever challenges face our clients. While we take full advantage of all the latest technology, we also believe in maintaining personal business relationships with our clients to fully understand their needs.

Too often in today’s business world, customer service is a forgotten issue. Not so at Hydrogeological Associates. We listen to your needs and develop solutions that benefit you. We go out of our way to understand your business and timetables, so we can meet all your requirements. And, we stand behind our work. If we ever fail to meet your requirements, we will do whatever is necessary to make it right.

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